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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
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Martes, 12 septiembre, 2017
While "discourse" has long been an object of investigation in many disciplines, the contours of a new field of transdisciplinary research are now coming to the fore: Discourse Studies. Known for theoretical orientations and methodological tools at the intersection of language and society, discourse research usually deals with social phenomena with a particular focus on the entanglements of power and language. While Discourse Studies has resulted from the exchange between numerous strands and approaches which deal with the social production of meaning, an increasing need for interdisciplinary exchange can now be observed. The 2nd International DiscourseNet Congress at Warwick (DNC#2) aims to represent the many strands, schools, and perspectives in Discourse Studies, from the humanities to the social sciences, from strictly interpretive to quantifying methodologies, from discourse as a situated practice to discourse as socially distributed knowledge.
Reino Unido
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Miércoles, 13 septiembre, 2017
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Viernes, 15 septiembre, 2017
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University of Warwick. Coventry CV4 7AL, Reino Unido
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11/04/2017 Congresos y cursos