`RUDN Journal of Language Studies, Semiotics and Semantics` presenta, entre otros, los siguientes artículos:
- РОДИНА-PATRIA in Russian and Spanish Verbal Associative Networks, Sánchez Puig M.
- Language Personality: Results and Prospects of the Study, Lazareva O.V.
- National Identity and the Associative-Verbal Network: on a Hypothesis of Yu.N. Karaulov, Ufimtseva N.V., Balyasnikova O.V.
- Do Communicants Transmit Information in Course of Speech Communication?, Tarasov E.F.
- Values and Image of the Future of Generation Z: Systemic Particularity, Bubnova I.A.
- Integrating Role of the Conception of Language Personality in the Development of the Theory of Language, Shaposhnikova I.V.
- National Language Linguistic Personality and Semiotics of Target Text, Drosdov Díez T.
- War in the Young Russians Language Consciousness: An Associative Experiment, Kolysheva O.N.
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09/08/2021 Noticias