Alan Garfinkel

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Profesor Emeritus (jubilado)
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Purdue University
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Purdue University (Centro)
Estados Unidos
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- Garfinkel, Alan and Stanley Hamilton, editors, Designs for Foreign Language Teacher Education. Rowley, MA: Newbury House Publishers, 133 pp.,1976.

- Garfinkel, Alan, Isabel M. Sirgado, and Miguel Angel Sirgado. Modismos al momento, Rowley, MA: Newbury House Publishers, 127 pp., 1977.

- Garfinkel, Alan, Sharyl L. Mitchell, and Loranna M. Moody, eds., ESL and the Foreign Language Teacher. Lincolnwood (IL): National Textbook Co.,117 pp., 1982.

- Garfinkel, Alan and Guillermo Latorre. Trabajo y vida, Newbury House Publishers, 184 pp., 1983. A second year reader in Spanish that presents views of what people in various occupations do to earn a living and how they react to their occupations. See pre-publication reviews included in file and a review by Frank Nussel in the Spring, 1984, Modern Language Journal.

- Garfinkel, Alan, Sharyl L. Mitchell, and Loranna M. Moody, eds., The FL Classroom: New Techniques. Lincolnwood (IL): National Textbook Co.,110 pp.,1983.

- Garfinkel, Alan and *Thomas W. Alsop. Spanish Emergency Lesson Plan Kit, (New York: Gessler Publishing), 30 pp., 1986., 2ed. Rochester, (MI): Carlex Publishing, 2001. French translation, Rochester,( MI) Carlex Publishing, 2001 (Third edition due in 2005, Spanish in September, French in December)

- Garfinkel, Alan and Thomas W. Alsop. Explorando en la casa de los monstruos. Auburn Hills (MI): Teachers¿ Discovery, 128 pp., 1997. A set of group projects and exercises based on a theme likely to appeal to middle school learners.

- Garfinkel, Alan and Thomas W. Alsop. Capitán cataplum y sargento sapo: Real Spanish Proverbs in Story Form. Rochester (MI):Carlex, 32 pp. plus separate teachers guide, 1999. The book explains and sets five Spanish proverbs into contexts that are supported with illustrations and intended to demonstrate the truth of the proverb at hand.

- Garfinkel, Alan and Larbi Oukada, eds. Teamwork in Foreign Languages. Valdosta (GA): Central States Coference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 112 pp., 2001 ISBN 1-883640-10-5.

- Garfinkel Alan and Thomas W. Alsop. Navidad en España: (trans.: Christmas in Spain) Video, Auburn Hills (MI) Teachers' Discovery, 2002. Professor Garfinkel assisted in selecting scenes and captions for this video.

- Garfinkel, Alan and Thomas W. Alsop Navidad en España: Professor Garfinkel authored most of these instructional units on Christmas in Spain.

- Garfinkel, Alan and Thomas W. Alsop. Let¿s Get Together. Auburn Hills (MI): Teacher¿s Discovery,2003. These chapters help teachers implement the Connections section of the Foreign languages Standards by providing for use of Spanish in contexts appropriate to other high school classes.

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