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Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California at Irvine
Estados Unidos
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GESTOS is a multi-lingual journal devoted to critical studies of Spanish, Latin American and US Latino theater. Articles are published in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Each issue includes four main sections: essays (ENSAYOS), performance reviews of Hispanic texts from around the world (HISTORIA DEL TEATRO), book reviews (RESEÑAS), and an unpublished play text (TEXTO) by a prominent dramatist from the Hispanic world. GESTOS strives to integrate studies on theory of theater and performance, Latin American, Spanish, and US Latino theater by considering a variety of theoretical approaches. GESTOS emphasize the relationship between theater and other visual and performance practices from the perspective of cultural, theater, and visual studies. GESTOS also aspires to contribute to the understanding of theater as performance and cultural production. 
GESTOS has published essays and writings by well known international scholars from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States, Venezuela, and plays by some of the most important contemporary Hispanic playwrights.

GESTOS also relies on a network of international correspondents from Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, the United States and Uruguay, who collaborate to make GESTOS a truly unique journal dedicated to theater and its many ramifications.
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Viernes, 30 diciembre, 2016
30/12/2016 Publicaciones