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Hispanic Issues & Vanderbilt University Press
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Próximo volumen, abril 2005 Hispanic Baroques. Reading Cultures in Context

Edited by Nicholas Spadaccini, Luis Martin-Estudillo


Introduction: The Baroque and the Cultures of Crises

Nicholas Spadaccini and Luis Martín-Estudillo

The Baroque and Its Dark Sides

1. Fernando R. De la Flor, On the Notion of a Melancholic Baroque

2. Hernán Vidal, Aesthetic Categories as Empire Administration Imperatives: The Case of the Baroque

Baroque Anxieties and Strategies of Survival

3. William Egginton. Of Baroque Holes and Baroque Folds

4. Fernando Ordóñez Tarín, Models of Subjectivity in the Spanish Baroque: Quevedo and Gracián

5. David Castillo, Horror (vacui): The Baroque Condition

Institutions and Subjectivities in Baroque Spain

6. Bradley J. Nelson, From Hieroglyphic Presence to Representational Sign: An Other Point of View in the Auto Sacramental

7. Carlos M. Gutiérrez, The Challenges of Freedom: Social Reflexivity in the Seventeenth-Century Literary Field

8. Nieves Romero-Díaz, Revisiting the Culture of the Baroque: Nobility, City, and Post-Cervantine Novella

Strategies of Identity in the Colonial Context

9. Silvia Suárez, Perspectives on Mestizaje in the Early Baroque: Inca Garcilaso and Cervantes

10. Paola Marín, Freedom and Containment in the Colonial Theology of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

11. Leonardo García Pabán, Sleeping with Corpses, Eating Hearts, and Walking Skulls. Criollo's Subjectivity in Antonio de la Calancha and Bartolomé Arzans de Orsúa y Vela

The Baroque and Its Transgressive Recyclings

12. Mabel Moraña, Baroque/ Neobaroque/Ultrabaroque: Disruptive Readings of Modernity


Edward Friedman

Hispanic Issues is a refereed book series in English touching on theoretical and methodological issues toward a reconfiguration of Hispanic cultural history and criticism. Each publication stresses collaborative research, drawing on a network of scholars from the United States and abroad. Sample areas of inquiry include Literary Criticism and Historiography, Popular and Mass Culture, Hispanic Cultural Studies, Literature and Institutions, and Hispanic Sociolinguistics.

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