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Karlos Arregi, Zsuzsanna Fagyal, Silvina A. Montrul y Annie Tremblay (Universidades de Chicago e Illinois en Urbana-Champaign), John Benjamins Publishing Company. EEUU
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Número 313 , 2010. Trabajos seleccionados del XXXVIII Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Románica celebrado en la Universidad de Illinois, en Urbana-Champaign, en el año 2008.


Interactions in Romance. Págs. 1-6.

Part 1. Language contact and bilingualism

Hilary Barnes: «Subject pronoun expression in bilinguals of two subject languages». Págs. 9-22.

Laura Colantoni y Anna Limanni: «Where are hiatuses left? A comparative study of vocalic sequences in Argentine Spanish». Págs. 23-38.

Michael L. Friesner: «Loanword adaptation in the French of Spanish-speaking immigrants in Montréal». Págs. 39-54.

Part 2. Phonology and interfaces

Luigia Garrapa y Judith Meinschaefer: «Morphology and phonology of word-final vowel deletion in spoken Tuscan Italian». Págs. 57-72.

Simona Herdan: «Relativization, intonational phrases and rich left peripheries». Págs. 73-88.

Yvan Rose y Christophe dos Santos: «Stress domain effects in French phonology and phonological development». Págs. 89-104.

Part 3. Syntax and morphophonology

Artemis Alexiadou, Gianina Iordachioaia y Elena Soare: «Syntactic realizations of plural in Romance and Germanic nominalizations». Págs. 107-124.

Adolfo Ausín: «The syntax of Spanish parecer and the status of little pro». Págs. 125-138.

María Cristina Cuervo: «Two types of (apparently) ditransitive light verb constructions». Págs. 139-156.

Anne Dagnac: «Modal ellipsis in French, Spanish and Italian: Evidence for a TP-deletion analysis». Págs. 157-170.

Mary A. Kato: «Optional prepositions in Brazilian Portuguese». Págs. 171-184.

Andrew Ira Nevins y Oana Savescu: «An apparent 'number case constraint' in Romanian: The role of syncretism». Págs. 185-200.

Part 4. Semantics and morphology

Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin y Roberta Pires de Oliveira: «Generic bare singulars in Brazilian Portuguese». Págs. 203-216.

Joshua Rodríguez: «Aspect shift in stative verbs and their arguments». Págs. 217-230.

Part 5. Psycholinguistics

Grant Goodall: «Experimenting with wh-movement in Spanish». Págs. 233-248.

Michael Shelton, Chip Gerfen y Nicolás Gutiérrez Palma: «How Spanish phonotactics informs psycholinuistic models of speech production». Págs. 249-264.

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