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Joseph Collentine, Maryellen García, Barbara Lafford y Francisco Marcos Marín. Cascadilla Proceedings Project. EEUU
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Cascadilla Press 2009

Este volumen contiene trabajos seleccionados de la conferencia que tuvo lugar en noviembre de 2007 en la Universidad de Texas, en San Antonio. Sumario


Milton M. Azevedo: «Literary Linguistics in the Context of a Literature Department». Págs. 1-8.

Margarita Suñer: «Formal Linguistics and the Syntax of Spanish: Past, Present and Future». Págs. 9-26.


Joyce Bruhn de Garavito: «Eventive and Stative Passives: The Role of Transfer in the Acquisition of ser and estar by German and English L1 Speakers». Págs. 27-38.

Timothy L. Face y Mandy R. Menke: «Acquisition of the Spanish Voiced Spirants by Second Language Learners». Págs. 39-52.

J. César Félix-Brasdefer y Erin Lavin: «Grammar, Prosody, and Turn Expansion in Second Language Conversations». Págs. 53-67.

Lorenzo García-Amaya: «New Findings on Fluency Measures across Three Different Learning Contexts». Págs. 68-80.

Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes y Theodoros Marinis: «The Acquisition of the Personal Preposition a by Catalan-Spanish and English-Spanish Bilinguals». Págs. 81-92.

Miren Hodgson: «The Role of Object Movement in the Acquisition of Telicity». Págs. 93-104.

James F. Lee y Paul A. Malovrh: «Linguistic and Non-linguistic Factors Affecting OVS Processing of Accusative and Dative Case Pronouns by Advanced L2 Learners of Spanish». Págs. 105-116.

Margaret Lubbers Quesada y Sarah E. Blackwell: «The L2 Acquisition of Null and Overt Spanish Subject Pronouns: A Pragmatic Approach». Págs. 117-130.

María Irene Moyna: «Child Acquisition and Language Change: Voseo Evolution in Río de la Plata Spanish». Págs. 131-142.

Lauren Beth Schmidt: «The Effect of Dialect Familiarity via a Study Abroad Experience on L2 Comprehension of Spanish». Págs. 143-154.

Naomi Lapidus Shin y Helen Smith Cairns: «Subject Pronouns in Child Spanish and Continuity of Reference». Págs. 155-164.


Earl K. Brown: «The Relative Importance of Lexical Frequency in Syllable- and Word-Final /s/ Reduction in Cali, Colombia». Págs. 165-178.

Manuel Díaz-Campos e Inmaculada Navarro-Galisteo: «Perceptual Categorization of Dialect Variation in Spanish». Págs. 179-195.

Carolina González: «Continuancy and Resonance in Spanish». Págs. 196-206.

Benjamin Schmeiser: «On the Current State of Vowel Intrusion Analysis in Spanish within Optimality Theory». Págs. 207-218.

Syntax and Semantics

Jorge López-Cortina: «Split Questions, Extended Projections, and Dialect Variation». Págs. 219-230.

Juan Martín: «A Constructionist Approach to Adjectival Interpretative Properties». Págs. 231-241.

Roberto Mayoral Hernández y Asier Alcázar: «Technological Applications to Linguistic Research: A Corpus Analysis of Frequency Adverbials». Págs. 242-253.

Francisco Ocampo: «Mirá: From Verb to Discourse Particle in Rioplatense Spanish». Págs. 254-267.

Luis A. Ortiz-López y Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes: «Interfaz sintáctica-semántica en los objetos directos: el español y el criollo haitiano». Págs. 268-281.

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