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Manuel Díaz-Campos. Cascadilla Proceedings Project. EEUU
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Cascadilla Press 2006. Contents

- Introduction. Manuel Díaz-Campos. Págs. V-VIII.

Part 1: Segmental Analysis

- Travis G. Bradley: «Phonetic Realizations of /sr/ Clusters in Latin American Spanish». Págs. 1-13.

- Ryan Shosted and Beatriz Willgohs: «Nasals Unplugged: The Aerodynamics of Nasal De-occlusivization in Spanish». Págs. 14-21.

- Laura Colantoni: «Increasing Periodicity to Reduce Similarity: An Acoustic Account of Deassibilation in Rhotics». Págs. 22-24.

- Geoffrey Stewart Morrison: «Methodological Issues in L2 Perception Research and Vowel Spectral Cues in Spanish Listeners' Perception of Word-Final /t/ and /d/ in Spanish». Págs. 35-47.

- Carlos Julio Ramírez: «Acoustic and Perceptual Characterization of the Epenthetic Vowel between the Clusters Formed by Consonant + Liquid in Spanish». Págs. 48-61.

Part 2: Intonation and Stress

- Erin O'Rourke: «The Direction of Inflection: Downtrends and Uptrends in Peruvian Spanish Broad Focus Declaratives». Págs. 62-74.

- Timothy L. Face: «Rethinking Spanish L*+H and L+H*». Pägs. 75-84.

- Claudia Enbe, Jorge Gurlekian, and Yishai Tobin: «A Laboratory Analysis of Suprasegmental Features in Normal and Pathological Speech of Buenos Aires Spanish According to the Theory of Phonology as Human Behavior». Págs. 85-103.

- Marta Ortega-Llebaria: «Phonetic Cues to Stress and Accent in Spanish». Págs. 104-118.

Part 3: Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy

- Terrell A. Morgan: «On the Teaching of Spanish Pronunciation». Págs. 119-130.

- Holly J. Nibert: «The Acquisition of the Phrase Accent by Beginning Adult Learners of Spanish as a Second Language». Págs. 131-148.

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