Asociación Europea de Lexicografía - EURALEX, Facultad de Lenguas y Literaturas Extranjeras y el Departamento de Ciencias literarias y filológicas de la Universidad de Turín, y la Accademia della Crusca de Florencia.
Tipo de actividad:
Congreso, jornada, encuentro


Individual presentations should be timed for 20 minutes, and will be followed by a 10-minute discussion period.

- Short papers and project notes

There will be opportunities for short papers and project notes. These will be allowed 20 minutes including discussion period. It is up to the speaker to devote time to discussion or to exploit entirely the 20 minutes for the presentation of his/her paper.

There are no restrictions on language of presentations, but unfortunately it is not possible to offer interpretation.

- Software demonstrations

We are particularly interested in well-prepared software demonstrations, presentations of electronic dictionaries, corpora, tools, etc. These demonstrations will be allowed a 20-minute time slot at the congress (they may possibly be presented twice). Technical facilities will be available.

- Posters

A poster session is planned. Appropriate facilities will be provided on the Congress site.


Submissions may be one of the following types: Contributed papers, Software demonstrations, Posters.

All submissions will be reviewed by two or three members of the referees panel. The programme will be selected by the programme committee.

Authors should send three hard copies before the 30th of October 2005 to the Congress Organiser (see address above).

Email submission (to is to be used in addition, but the hardcopy submission in three copies is mandatory.

Submissions proposing software demonstrations should include a description of the functions, underlying approach and implementation of the software, possibly an indication of a URL, and hardware/software requirements.


Contributed Papers: front page + 6-8 pages, double-spaced;

Software Demonstrations: front page + 4 pages, double-spaced;

Posters: : front page + 1-2 pages, double-spaced;

In the front page please write only the following items:

Title of the paper/software demonstration/poster;

Name(s), affiliation(s) and address(es) of the author(s);

Abstract (10-15 lines);

In the top right corner: indication of the topic category. If your paper does not fit into any of the main categories, please use 11.

At the beginning of the text (first page after the front page) repeat only the title of the paper/software demonstration/poster and the topic category..

Authors whose submissions are accepted have to pay their registration fee (340, 285 or 150 euros, see below) before April 2006 the 1st.

They will receive a style guide for the preparation of the (electronic) final version of the paper to be published in the Proceedings which appear immediately before the congress.

Contributed papers will be allowed up to 10 pages: short papers, project notes, papers relating to Software Demonstrations and posters will be allowed up to 5 pages, in a separate section of the Proceedings.

Important Dates

* 30 October 2005: Deadline for receipt of preliminary versions of papers by congress organisers.

* 1 March 2006: Despatch of notifications of acceptance/rejection.

* 1 April 2006: Deadline for receipt of camera-ready papers for inclusion in the Proceedings (and for authors registration fee payment).


To receive the second circular in September 2005, please complete and return this form as soon as possible, and before 31 August 2005, to the following address.

Congress Organizers EURALEX 2006

Prof. Carla Marello

Dipartimento di Scienze letterarie e filologiche

Università di Torino

Via Sant'Ottavio 20

I-10124 Torino











Fecha de inicio: 
Miércoles, 6 septiembre, 2006
Fecha de finalización: 
Sábado, 9 septiembre, 2006
Dirección postal completa: 
Università degli Studi di Torino. Via Sant'Ottavio 20.
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Información adicional: 

EURALEX 2006, as previous European Association for Lexicography congresses, brings together professional lexicographers, publishers, researchers, scholars, and others interested in dictionaries of all types. The programme will include plenary lectures, parallel sessions on the topics listed below, software demonstrations, pre-congress tutorials and specialized workshops, a book and software exhibition, and social events for participants and their guests.TopicsPapers, posters, and software demonstrations are invited on all topics of lexicography including, but not limited to, the following fields, which are the main focus of the congress:- Historical and Scholarly Lexicography and Etymology - Computational Lexicography and Lexicology - The Dictionary-Making Process - Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects - Bilingual Lexicography - Dialect dictionaries and linguistic atlases - Lexicography for Specialised Languages - Terminology and Terminography - Dictionary Use - Phraseology and Collocation - Lexicological Issues of Lexicographical Relevance - Other topics The main topics are not meant to exclude any lexicographic topic. Papers, posters, and demonstrations that are relevant to the congress, but which do not fit into any of the categories 1-10, will be reviewed nonetheless and considered for presentation. Contact AddressCongress Organizers EURALEX 2006 Prof. Carla MarelloDipartimento di Scienze letterarie e filologiche Università di Torino Via Sant'Ottavio 20I-10124 TorinoE-mail: euralex2006@unito.itInternet address:

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