Paardekooper & Associates; TESOLANZ (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Aotearoa New Zealand)
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
Nueva Zelanda
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Jueves, 14 julio, 2016
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Domingo, 17 julio, 2016
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Community languages are the first part of the CLESOL equation. Community languages teachers are committed to maintaining the first languages of migrant and refugee groups settled in Aotearoa New Zealand, and introducing those languages to others interested in learning them. Teachers of community languages usually come from the local community, and their work is usually community based. The other half of the CLESOL equation is ESOL teachers. By comparison, ESOL teachers are a much bigger group who work in a wide range of situations of English language teaching including state education institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary), private language schools, or as volunteers in the community. Two organisations contribute to the planning and running of the CLESOL conference, which is held every two years in a different location around the country.Learners in Context: Bridging the Gaps - Ākonga Reo: Aronga ĀputaThe theme "Learners in Context: Bridging the Gaps" has been chosen to highlight the varied language learning and teaching needs of staff and students. In working towards new understandings of language acquisition and teaching, what information, support and practice is Contacto: Paardekooper & AssociatesCorreo e.:é científicoMark Dawson-Smith, WintecJono Ryan, WintecComité organizadorMark Dawson-Smith, WintecJono Ryan, Wintec

16/06/2016 Congresos y cursos