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In line with one of the editorial mandates of Digital Philology, in this session, we seek to promote discussion around how manuscript research may be predicated upon effective cross-disciplinary work. We invite submissions that not only bring to light new discoveries about a particular manuscript, but also reach across disciplinary boundaries by asking broader methodological or theoretical questions, including but not limited to:

-The materiality of the codex

-The sociopolitical lives of books

-Border crossings: a manuscript that travels across geographical space, across social

-Our digital engagement with medieval books

Albert Lloret, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Spanish and Portuguese (University of Massachusetts)

433 Herter Hall

161 Presidents Drive

Amherst, MA 01003

Estados Unidos
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Jueves, 8 mayo, 2014
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Domingo, 11 mayo, 2014
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Western Michigan University
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Call for papersOrganized by Albert Lloret (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Jeanette Patterson (Princeton University)Send abstacts and participant information form by September 10Please send a 100-word abstract and Participant Information Form to Albert Lloret at

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