'Università degli Studi di Trieste' y 'International Pragmatics Association' - IPrA.
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
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Domingo, 10 julio, 2005
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Viernes, 15 julio, 2005
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Riva del Garda Congressi Conference Center.
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+32-3-220 45 63 (IPrA)
+32 3 230 55 74 (IPrA)
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Abstract Deadline: November 1, 2004This conference, which uses Open Conference Systems developed by the Public Knowledge Project, enables participants to submit abstracts online.Presentations can include:- Single papers (abstract max of 500 words)- Multiple paper sessions (overview max of 1000 words)- Poster (abstract max of 500 words)Call for Papers AnnouncementTwo types of proposals are invited: 1. For single-paper presentations to be included in regular lecture sessions (20-minute presentations followed by 5 minutes for discussion and allowing 5 minutes for switching between sessions). Alternatively, if you prefer not to give an oral presentation but rather a poster, please indicate this preference by writing as the first line of your single-paper abstract "POSTER IF POSSIBLE". 2. For panels or multi-paper sessions. Panels or multi-paper sessions take the form of a series of closely related lectures on a specific topic. They may consist of one, two or three units of 120 minutes. Within each panel unit an average of four 20-minute presentations are given consecutively; the rest of the period may be taken up by an introduction, open discussion, comments by a discussant or discussants, or any combination of these. Panels are composed of contributions invited by panel organizers, combined with individually submitted papers when judged appropriate by the Conference Committee in consultation with the panel organizers. Typically, written versions or extensive outlines of all panel contributions should be available to the other contributors before the conference in order to facilitate discussion. Note that in addition to a panel abstract (to be submitted by the panel organizers), abstracts for all panel contributions, even when invited directly by panel organizers, have to be sent in individually and will be reviewed individually and anonymously. Authors whose contributions have been invited or agreed upon by the panel organizer(s) select 'multi-paper sessions' in the submission form (without filling in information about the session as a whole - the organizer does that). Without such prior invitation or agreement, the 'single-paper presentations' option must be selected.

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