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Inés Recio

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Óscar Loureda

Adriana Cruz

Inés Recio

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Domingo, 26 julio, 2015
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Viernes, 31 julio, 2015
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Universität Heidelberg
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Plazo de envío de propuestas: hasta el 15 de octubre de 2014Contributions for oral presentations dealing with one or several of the following specific questions are welcome: - As functional categories with a mainly procedural meaning that guides the hearer’s inferences in communication, do discourse markers condition the processing effort of utterances, and if so, is this operational meaning language-specific?- Do discourse markers influence utterance and discourse comprehension? How is such influence exerted? - Do different types of discourse markers play different roles as inference-guiding devices or do they display a unitary behaviour for discourse interpretation? - Does the contribution of discourse markers to utterance interpretation depend on their specific semantic and syntactic properties, and on their interaction between such properties and other utterance elements? How does this interaction exactly take place? - How can experimental evidence contribute to confirming, discarding or revising theoretical claims about the procedural meaning of discourse markers?- What are the limits and the empirical and theoretical possibilities for experimental pragmatics concerning discourse markers research? For abstract submissions, please follow the official IPrA instructions as stated on its website:// Abstracts –min. 250 and max. 500 words not including references and data– must be sent only through the web-based procedure via the IPrA website by 15 October 2014. - Every panelist will be allotted a 20-minute slot plus 10 minutes for discussion. - Please note furthermore that an IPrA membership is necessary both for submitting a contribution and for presenting during the conference. - IPrA strongly encourages younger scholars to submit abstracts.

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