'Digital Philologie'. A Journal of Medieval Cultures presenta en este número, entre otros, los siguientes artículos:

- Charles in al-Andalus, Shirin Khanmohamadi 
- Mary Saves the Man-Eater: Value in the Medieval Ethiopian Marian Miracle Tale of "The Cannibal of Qəmər", Wendy Laura Belcher 
- "Nothing in this world is indifferent to us": Laudato Si' as Global and Planetary Medievalism, 
Louise D'Arcens,  Clare Monagle 
- The Feudal Photograph of a Democratic Dhammaraja: Secularism and Sacrality in Thai Royal Imagery, Clare Veal 
- Revisioning the Global Middle Ages: Immersive Environments for Teaching Medieval Languages and Culture, Lynn Ramey,  David Neville, Sahar Amer, Jonathan deHaan, Maxime Durand, Brandon Essary, Rob Howland, Mubbasir Kapadia, Felix Kronenberg, Brett E. Shelton, Barbara Vance.
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28/08/2019 Noticias