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Martes, 15 septiembre, 2015

The research group GLIMS (Ghent Research Team on Linguistic Meaning and Structure) is looking for a full-time doctoral fellow for the period of four years, to work on a project funded by the UGent Special Research Fund (BOF) (see the summary below): «In search of the analytical resultative construction. A microtypological comparison of Romance and Germanic languages».

Degree requirements: Master of (historical) linguistics (or an equivalent degree).

The candidate should have an excellent knowledge of French and Spanish, in addition to a third (Romance or Germanic) language.

The candidate is expected to have a great interest in linguistic research, as evidenced in, preferably, a Master paper in the area of linguistics with a focus on (at least) one of the languages mentioned above.

Ghent University offers a four-year contract starting on 1 December 2015. In this time a PhD dissertation has to be completed.

Information about salary can be found on: [


Applications should be submitted to: and should consist of: a detailed CV (including degree grades), a letter of motivation in French or Spanish.

Contact one of the project supervisors for more information:,,,

Brief summary of the project:

This project is looking for (traces of) the resultative verbal construction (e.g. Ed hammers the metal flat; flat = the result of the hammering) in a number of Romance (French, Spanish) and one Germanic (e.g. Dutch) language. The aim is to capture the microtypological variation w.r.t. the lexical scope (what categories are allowed in this construction: adjectives? prepositional phrases? nominals?) and productivity of the construction (is the construction limited to a specific verb class, or is it open?), against the background of other typological properties of the languages studied.

Fecha límite para la presentación de candidaturas: hasta el 15 de septiembre de 2015

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