Shirley Mangini

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Profesora Emérita
Hispanista Emérito: 
Universidad/Centro de investigación: 
California State University
Department of Romance, German, and Russian Languages and Literature
Estados Unidos
Trabajos publicados: 


-Emilia Pardo Bazán and Friends: Spanish Gastronomy at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. In progress.

-Maruja Mallo. Trans. by Rosa Berdagué. Barcelona: CIRCE Ediciones, 2012.

-Maruja Mallo and The Spanish Avant-Garde. Farnam, Surrey: Ashgate, 2010.

-Las modernas de Madrid. Barcelona: Península, January 200l.

-Recuerdos de la resistencia. Barcelona: Ediciones Península, l997 (translated and revised edition of Memories of Resistance). Memories of Resistance: Women's Voices from the Spanish Civil War. New Haven: Yale University Press, l995.

-Jaime Gil de Biedma. Antología Poética. Prólogo de Javier Alfaya y selección de Shirley Mangini González. Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 1981; 2nd ed.: l992; 3rd ed.: l997.

-Gil de Biedma. Madrid: Ediciones Júcar, 1979. (Study of life and work and anthology). 2nd ed.: l992, 3rd ed.: l993.

Asociaciones a las que pertenece: 

-Asparkía. Investigació Feminista, Advisory Board Member (Castellón, Spain), 2008-Present-Clepsydra, Advisory Board Member (Canary Islands, Spain), 2003-Present-Pacific Coast Philology Journal Board Member, 2003-06-Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives Board Member (housed at New York University), l998-Present-Book Review Editor for The Volunteer (Publication of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives), 2005-2010-Member, Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, 1999-2004-Modern Language Association; Member of Delegate Assembly, 1989-91 term (elected); Member of Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Rights, 1991-1994 term (elected)-Asociación de Literatura Femenina Hispánica, l994-l995-Fulbright Alumni Association, l985-Present-Corporate Member of the Instituto International, Madrid, Spain, 1985-2002-Reader for Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 1987-Present-Feministas Unidas, 1984-2003Cargos-Professor Emerita, Department of Romance, German, and Russian Languages and Literature, California State University, June, 2004-Present-Board Member, Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive (ALBA), New York University, 1999-2009-Book Review Editor, The Volunteer, quarterly publication of ALBA, 2005-2009.-Professor, Spanish, Department of Romance, German, and Russian Languages and Literature, California State University, l987-2004; Chair, 1987-1992-Director, Center for Humanities, California State University, Long Beach, l992-2004-Visiting Professor, Stanford University, Winter 2002 -Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts, California State University, Long Beach, 1992-1993-Visiting Professor, Spanish School, Middlebury College, Summer 1987-Associate Professor of Spanish, Yale University, 1984-1987-Assistant Professor of Spanish, Yale University, 1979-1984-Co-Director and Instructor of University of New Mexico's Summer Program in Madrid, 1979-Instructor and Coordinator of Intensive Spanish Program, University

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