Belén Vidal

Categoría profesional: 
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Hispanista Emérito: 
Universidad/Centro de investigación: 
King's College
Department of Film Studies. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Reino Unido
Trabajos publicados: 
VIDAL, B., Heritage Film: Nation, Genre and Representation. Nueva York: Columbia University Press, 2012.
—, Figuring the Past: Period Film and the Mannerist Aesthetic. Ámsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2012.
—, Textures of the Image: Rewriting the American Novel in the Contemporary Film Adaptation. Valencia: Valencia University Press, 2002.

Contribuciones en monografías:
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—, «Memories of Underdevelopment: “Torremolinos 73”, Cinephilia, and Filiation at the Marins of Europe», en Vidal, B., Iordanova, D. y Martin-Jones, D. (eds.), Cinema at the Periphery. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2010, pp. 211-231.
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—, «Playing in a Minor Key: the Literary Past through the Feminist Imagination», en Aragay, M. (ed.), Books in Motion: Adaptation, Intertextuality, Authorship. Ámsterdam: Rodopi, 2006, p. 263-285.

Artículos en revistas:
VIDAL, B., «The cinephilic citation in the essay films by José Luis Guerin and Isaki Lacuesta», Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, 15, 3, 2014, pp. 373-393.
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