Título: Narrative and Space: Across Short Story Landscapes and Regional Places
Autor: Alda Corrreia
Editorial: Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Número de páginas: 216
ISBN: 978-3034327985
Ciudad: Berna-Nueva York
Año: 2017
Narrative and Space: Across Short Story Landscapes and Regional Places
These eight texts deal with different perspectives on the relation between the regional short story, modernism and space. Seven of them concentrate on short prose (the short story and chronicle) and one deals with the novel. Four of them consider canonical pre-modernist and modernist Anglo-American authors and the other four Portuguese rustic and modernist short story writers. Their common point of departure is the notion that the representation of the world cannot be separated from its spatial context, and the effort to understand how space and landscape influenced the structure of narratives and were represented in some of them, mainly in short fiction. They draw attention to the importance of the underestimated regionalist short prose narratives, essentially from a comparative literary perspective, but also considering certain aspects of their social and cultural connections and dissonances. Alda Corrreia completed her Masters degree in Comparative Literary Studies in 1988, at Universidade Nova and her PhD in Comparative Literature, in 1999, at the same University; she is assistant professor at Universidade Nova since 1999; her main research interests are comparative literature, short fiction history and theory and narrative medicine. Peter  Lang Publishing Group https://www.peterlang.com Correo e.: order@peterlang.com
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