Título: Studies in Linguistics and Cognition
Autor: Bárbara Eizaga Rebollar (ed.)
Editorial: Peter Lang
Número de páginas: 297
ISBN: 978-3-0343-1138-0
Ciudad: Berlin, Oxford, Wien
Año: 2012

Theese essays explore the connections between cognitive approaches and different theoretical and applied linguistic theories, such as pragmatics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics and semantics among others, providing revealing insights into the nature of the cognitive processes underlying language. The authors discuss a variety of fundamental questions, ranging from the study of figurative language, phrasal verbs and humorous discourse to the analysis of fuzzy concepts, attitude verbs and neologisms. These and other related questions are dealt with in this integrative overview of the linguistic and cognitive processes. The volume is structured in three main sections, each corresponding to a distinct level of meaning description: Section I deals with Lexicon and Cognition, Section II with Semantics and Cognition and Section III with Communication and Cognition. This book provides thought-provoking reading for linguists, pragmaticians, psychologists, philosophers and cognitive scientists as well as scholars in computational linguistics and natural language processing who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the interface between cognition and linguistics.

Bárbara Eizaga Rebollar is Associate Professor at the University of Cadiz (Spain) where she teaches Language and Cognition as well as Semantics and Pragmatics, among other subjects.

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