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Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral de Guipúzcoa y Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea - Universidad del País Vasco. España
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Número 41-2 (2007) Sumario / Aurkibide

Asier Alcázar: «Consumer Eroski parallel corpus».

Carlos de Cuba: «Negative polarity licensing, factivity and the CP field».

Ricardo Etxepare: «Aspects of quotative constructions in Iberian Spanish».

Kata Gàbor y Enikö Héja: «Complements and adjuncts in machine translation».

Ángel J. Gallego: «Phase theory, case and relative clauses».

Valérie Gautier: «How strong islands are derived from the way a top-down derivation is linearized».

Ion Giurgea: «Adjectives and proper nouns in Romance and English».

Kata Gàbor y Enikö Héja: «Extracting information from participial structures».

Maider Huarte: «The acquisition of Basque ergative case: an experimental study».

Daniel Huber: «On the interaction of velars and labials».

Aritz Irurtzun: «The structure of pair-list answers».

Aritz Irurtzun, Ángel J. Gallego: «Consequences of pair-merge (at the interfaces)».

Alexandru Mardale: «Case marking and prepositional marking. Some remarks concerning de-phrases in Romanian».

Aya Meltzer: «Adjectival passives and adjectival decausatives in Hebrew».

Susanna Padrosa Trias: «Argument structure and morphology: the case of en-prefixation revisited».

Doris Penka: «A crosslinguistic perspective on n-words».

Diego Pescarini: «Types of syncretism in the clitic systems of Romance».

Omer Preminger: «Argument-mapping and extraction».

Inma Taboada: «Prenominal and postnominal demonstratives in Spanish: a [± deictic] approach».

Íñigo A. Yanguas: «A look at second language learners' task motivation».

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