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Cacilda M. Rego (Utah State University) y Carolina Rocha (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)
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Petición de trabajos / Call for papers. The editors seek essays that analyze the financial, aesthetic or thematic concerns that have inspired Argentine and Brazilian filmmakers to produce successful and widely acclaimed films after the new audiovisual laws were implemented.

* To what extent did the new financing system influence the thematic and stylistic forms of films?

* How did new notions of individual and social identity relate to developments in film in both countries?

* What role has cinematic production played in concepts of national identity?

* How have films attempted to represent the changing roles of the State and civil society?

* What are the lines of continuity and change visible in contemporary Argentine and Brazilian cinematography?

The editors invite essays that reflect on the quality, challenges, and themes of Argentine and Brazilian cinematic production during the 1995-2008 period.

Contributions will be theoretically and methodologically accessible to an interdisciplinary readership interested in Latin American cinema in general, and Argentine and Brazilian cinemas in particular.

Timeline: Send a 300-word abstract proposal by March 1, 2009.

Complete manuscripts will be solicited after abstracts are fully reviewed. Manuscripts will be organized in the book according to fit and cohesiveness.

For more information:

Dr. Cacilda M. Rêgo

Utah State University

E-mail: cacilda.rego@usu.edu

Dr. Carolina Rocha

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

E-mail: crocha@siue.edu

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