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Timothy L. Face, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Minnesota. EEUU
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Volumen 3, número 1 (2010) Sumario

Research Articles

Scott M. Alvord: «Miami cuban spanish declarative intonation».

Steven Byrd: «The Lexicon of Calunga - an afro-brazilian speech of Minas Gerais».

Márcia Cançado: «Verbal alternations in brazilian portuguese: A lexical semantic approach».

Nicholas C. Henriksen, Kimberly L. Geeslin y Erik W. Willis: «The development of L2 spanish intonation during a study abroad immersion program in León, Spain: Global contours and final boundary movements».

María Isabel Martínez Mira: «Non-Past concessive sentences in mexican spanish and the role of position in mood alternation».

Mandy R. Menke y Timothy L. Face: «Second language spanish vowel production: An acoustic analysis».

Viewpoints: The Role of Linguistics in Language Teaching.

Martha Bigelow y Susan Ranney: «Knowledge about language for teachers is more than knowing grammar rules».

Patricia Lunn: «On teaching grammar».

Jonathon Reinhardt: «The potential of corpus-informed L2 pedagogy».

Julie M. Sykes: «(In)Commensurable discourse: researchers and practitioners bring pragmatics to language learning».

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