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Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

University of Florida

170 Dauer Hall

P.O. Box 117405

Gainesville, FL 32611-7405

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Miércoles, 18 octubre, 2006
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Viernes, 20 octubre, 2006
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+1 352 392 2016 / 2017
+1 352 392 5679
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The conference welcomes papers in the fields of Latin American, Peninsular, and US Latino Literature, Linguistics and/or Cultures. Some suggested topics are, but are not limited to:Canon formationDisplacement and migrationReligious and other socio-cultural practicesIndigenous knowledgeLocal/Global identitiesTransnationalismSocial movementsCurrent trends in literary studies/criticismThe recovery of memoryLanguage teaching and technologyStandard language and dialectal varietiesElectronic and On-line dictionariesSpanish in contact with other languagesBilinguismLanguage and IdentityLanguage and genderCross language knowledgeMinority Language and globalization: language planning and policyPapers (in Spanish, English or Portuguese) should be 8 pages long (double space); i.e. no more than 20 minutes of reading. Participants must submit a one page abstract to by Aug 19, 2005.

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