Dept. de Estudios Angleses, Universitat Jaume I
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
Castellón de la Plana
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Jueves, 27 octubre, 2005
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Sábado, 29 octubre, 2005
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+34 964 72 95 32
+34 964 72 92 61
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This is intended as a forum of discussion for linguists and researchers in areas such as Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literary Studies or Translation, among other disciplines, who are involved in the use or study of Internet, either as a research or teaching resource or as a linguistic phenomenon in itself. We have received papers in relation to the panels listed below: - Internet and Literary Studies - Internet and Translation - Internet and Language Use / Linguistics and digital genres - Internet and Languages for Specific Purposes - Internet and Foreign Language Teaching / Second Language Acquisition English, Spanish and Catalan are the official languages of the conference. Papers in other languages may be considered depending on their interest in relation to the topic of the conference.Important dates* The Conference is to take place in October 27/28/29, 2005 . * Deadline for receipt of full papers is April 5, 2005 . Payment of registration fee: 150 euros.

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