Sant'Anna Institute (Sorrento, Italy) and the College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, United States)
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro

Conference Director:

Prof. Giovanni Spani (College of the Holy Cross)

Conference Coordinator:

Marco Marino (Sant'Anna Institute)

Keynote Speaker:

Prof. Barbara Zecchi (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

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Viernes, 12 junio, 2015
Fecha de finalización: 
Sábado, 13 junio, 2015
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Sant’Anna Institute
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The object of this Conference is the analysis of the role and conditions of women in the Mediterranean area, considered within its globality, according to a diachronic and synchronic perspective in a global vision of the reality in which Mediterranean women live and operate. Among the several connotative aspects of the feminine dimension as it is lived and perceived in the countries on the shores of the Mediterranean, this Conference intends to explore, first of all, the cultural models that have an effect on the socio-economic contexts of this geographic area and to attempt to awaken the presence of women inside these contexts both in terms of identity construction and role they usually play. Furthermore, the Conference will focus on the historic evolution of feminine conditions and on its literary, theatrical, and cinematographic representation without neglecting the juridical dimension and the role of women in the socio-political-economical setting of our global era. From a comparative and inter-Mediterranean perspective, submissions in Italian, English and Spanish are welcome, related to the following disciplines: - Gender Studies - Literature - History - Philosophy - Sociology and Anthropology- Political Science - Religious Studies- Migratory Studies- Cinema - Human Rights - Economy The Conference themes can include: - Mythical women throughout history- Feminine identity: revision of patriarchy, LGTB, Subject vs. Object - Mothers/daughters - Wonderwoman vs. Superman: superheroines in pop culture- Women and war - Autobiographies and auto-representations - Women behind the film camera - Women and pop culture - Women and politics - Tearing down barriers: women travellers- Women and dictatorship - Women and globalization- Women and consumer society- Women of the Middle Ages

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