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Plenary speakers:

-Johannes Kabatek (Universität Zürich)

-Anthony Grant (Edge Hill University)

-José Luis Blas Arroyo (Universitat Jaume I)

Early bird registration and registration of participants: before the end of May, 2015


Dept. Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics

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Lunes, 14 diciembre, 2015
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Miércoles, 16 diciembre, 2015
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The Ibero-Romance languages, as languages in contact and contrast with other languages, can be studied from various perspectives and within different approaches. In particular, interested researchers are kindly invited to present their work relating to the following issues:- Comparison of different varieties from the local to the intercontinental level (e.g. European, Latin-American, and African varieties, minority languages, …)- Contrastive syntactic, semantic and/or pragmatic analyses of two or more (Ibero-) Romance languages (e.g. the study of cognates in syntax and in the lexicon such as, the diverging polysemy of similar lexemes, different grammaticalization paths, the contrastive study of grammatical constructions, the dative, …)- Linguistic fixation and standardization (cf. orthographic norms, language politics, etc.)- Language contact inside the Ibero-Romance area - Creole languages, Judeo-Spanish, Spanglish- Ibero-Romance case studies that show that language contact can both accelerate and slow down linguistic change- Case studies on the convergence or divergence of the Ibero-Romance languages- Grammaticalization due to language contact.

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