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The workshop aims at providing a clearer view of how the combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches can be used in Second Language Acquisition Research, with an emphasis on the benefits and challenges of this combination. Teresa Cadierno (University of Southern Denmark) and Andrea Révész (The Institute of Education, University of London) will be participating as invited speakers.

The workshop is organized by the doctoral students in the Applied Linguistics Ph.D. Program at the University of Barcelona and supported by the EuroSLA

Workshop Grant Programme. It is addressed to doctoral students and

young researchers involved in SLA research, who are encouraged to participate by submitting a paper based on their work in progress which includes a mixed-methods component. During the workshop discussion and constructive feedback of Ph.D. student papers will be led by senior researchers.


Dr. Roger Gilabert, Associate Professor

Dr. Carme Muñoz, Senior Professor

Dr. Elsa Tragant, Associate Professor

María Andriá, Ph.D. Student

Irene ter Avest, Ph.D. Student

Melissa Cokely, Ph.D. Student

Lena Vasylets, Ph.D. Student

Areas of research:

- language in context (i.e., interactionist, variationist, sociocultural, etc.)

- linguistics and sociolinguistics (i.e. morphosyntax, vocabulary, pragmatics, etc.)

- psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics (i.e., processing, frequency-based accounts, etc.)

- skill learning (i.e., reading, speaking, perception, language assessment, etc.)

- individual differences (i.e., motivation, aptitude, age, identity etc.)

- the setting of learning (i.e., classroom research, study abroad, technology etc.)

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Lunes, 16 septiembre, 2013
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Jueves, 24 octubre, 2013
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null null Del 25 al 26 de noviembre de 2013

16/06/2016 Congresos y cursos