Peter W. Evans (Queen Mary, University of London), Chris Perriam (Manchester University) e Isabel Santaolalla (Roehampton University).
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Viernes, 31 marzo, 2006
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Papers are invited on the above theme which has been chosen to respond to a growing interest in moving beyond the 'national' in conceptualising film studies in Luso-Hispanic and Latin American Film Studies. At the time of issue of this Call for Papers, Latin American Film Studies is arguably some steps ahead of its European sister disciplines in recording and thinking through transnational issues, especially as regards the South/North traffic of ideas, artists, and products; French and British Film Studies already have the trans-Atlantic firmly on their agendas; Spanish and Portuguese film production -like any others- is thoroughly co-dependent on transnational markets and systems of taste and circulation. By taking these precedents and givens into account, we hope to make of this conference an opportunity to resituate Spanish and Portuguese Film Studies on trans-Atlantic and European axes and to take forward and adapt pre-existing models coming out of Latin American Film Studies (again, by emphasizing the trans-Atlantic). Issues: - Questioning the national- Glocalised and globalised identities- Comercial and industrial contexts and changing formats- Intercultural communication in images Topics/materials:- The aesthetics and politics of co-productions: 1). Between Spain and Portugal and between Latin America and Europe2). Between Spain/Portugal and other European countries3). Between Spain/Portugal and Latin American countries4). Between Spain/Portugal and the USA- New meanings coming out of cross-border movements of personnel (actors, directors, cinematographers)- Translation tactics- Acting in a second/learned languageDeadline for abstracts of 200 words: Monday 31 October. Please send to Christopher Perriam [].Further information:Rosemary LambethInstitute of Germanic & Romance StudiesSchool of Advanced Study, University of LondonSenate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HUTel: +44 20 7862 8677Fax: +44 20 7862 8672

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