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Alberto Acereda, Arizona State University
Estados Unidos
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The Journal of Hispanic Modernism (JHM) is an open-access, fully peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the study of Latin American and Spanish Peninsular “Modernismo” and fin de siècle . It includes articles in English, Spanish or Catalan about the literature, history, art and thought around Hispanic Modernism. It also includes notes, book reviews and manuscript studies. As an open forum for ideas and scholarly research on “Modernismo”, JHM has no mission other than that of publishing the best and most current articles on Hispanic Modernism.

It also provides a lively meeting-place for international perspectives on Spanish and Latin American fin de siglo, as well as other cultural and artistic developments in late 19th century and early 20th century. JHM features theoretical, empirical and historical research which is based in texts and cultural forms of the turn of the century. It also publishes work which suggests new directions, ideas and modes of inquiry to reinvigorate literary, textual and cultural studies for researchers and readers. Peer reviewers involved in the evaluation processes include members of the JHM’ international Editorial Board and also external assessors world-wide, selected for their recognized expertise and standing in the authors/areas concerned.
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Martes, 3 enero, 2017
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