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Laboratorio de Fonética del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). España
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Volumen 1, número 1 (2014) ÍNDICE

-Introducing a scansion machine for Dutch poetry and prose - Marc van Oostendorp

-The individual and the actuation of sound change - Mary Stevens, Jonathan Harrington

-What is computational phonology? - Robert Daland

-An attribute detection based approach to automatic speech processing - Sabato Marco Siniscalchi, Chin-Hui Lee

-Measuring a decade of progress in Text-to-Speech - Simon King

-Evaluating Automatic Speaker Recognition systems: An overview of the NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluations (1996-2014) - Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez

-Listeners may rely on intonation to distinguish languages of different rhythm classes - Lea Hagmann, Volker Dellwo

-Toward a unified theory of voice production and perception - Jody Kreiman, Bruce R. Gerratt, Marc Garellek, Robin Samlan, Zhaoyan Zhang

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