Center for the Study of Language and Society (CSLS) at the University of Bern and its newly started PhD program Studies in Language and Society, in collaboration with the PhD Program Transcultural Processes in Iberoromania of the Romance Department at the University of Zurich.
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The Winter School will be held at the hotel Alfa Soleil in Kandersteg (CH), which is surrounded by a superb mountain scenery. It runs from Monday afternoon (arrival late morning) to Friday morning (departure at noon). The participation fee is 580 Swiss francs per participant. It covers the costs for room [double occupancy] and board (but not travel expenses).

To apply, please email the documents listed below to the following email address:

- a short abstract of your presentation (max. 400 words), written in the language of presentation

- a short CV (1 page), indicating most important educational and professional qualifications, and including the topic of your dissertation and the name of a referee we might contact

- a personal statement on your motivation to participate in the CSLS Winter School “Language in Social Context” (max. 100 words)

Application Deadline: November 5

Contact: Nadja Bucheli (coordinator CSLS PhD program), or Prof. Dr. Constanze Vorwerg (director CSLS, program director PhD program)

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Lunes, 13 enero, 2014
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Martes, 14 enero, 2014
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Romance Department at the University of Zurich
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We are pleased to now invite applications from students at the PhD level for the CSLS Winter School 2014 «Language in Social Context». It is being organized by the The Winter School focuses on two thematic subareas, one being language variation and the other being language and migration. There will be lectures given by invited speakers who are experts in these areas, as well as short method workshops, and small-group sessions in which PhD students will have a chance to present their research and receive feedback from an expert in the field as well as from their peers. Student presentations will take place in two parallel sessions, one being held in English, and the other in Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, or French). All lectures will be in English.Confirmed speakers:- Penelope Eckert (Stanford University)- John R. Edwards (St. Francis Xavier University Nova Scotia)- Hans-Jörg Döhla (SeDyL, CNRS Paris-Villejuif)- Beat Siebenhaar (Leipzig University)- Juan A. V. Ponsoda (University of (Málaga)- David Britain (University of Bern)- Stephan Schmid (University of Zurich)- Johannes Kabatek (University of Zurich)The Winter School is primarily intended for PhD students from linguistic and related sciences working on topics relevant for an understanding of language in social context. Application is open to international attendance, but PhD students from the CSLS program Studies in Language and Society, its partner doctoral programs (Multilingualism, University of Fribourg; Iberoromania and Linguistics, both University of Zurich), and other Swiss universities are particularly encouraged to apply.

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