Facultad de Humanidades y Artes, Universidad Nacional de Rosario [ver información del centro].
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
Rosario (Santa Fe)
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Jueves, 1 junio, 2006
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Sábado, 3 junio, 2006
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Facultad de Humanidades y Artes, Universidad Nacional de Rosario.
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Language contact and interaction in Latin America generate specific political, economic, educational and social situations. Transnational webs as the ones established through MERCOSUR create and make explicit language situations in which L2 Spanish plays a central role.The study of languages in contact and of their contexts becomes increasingly necessary. Teaching Spanish as a Second Language is proposed through language academies in a more coordinated and explicit way than it used to be and gradually occupies an increasingly more prominent role in the field of Language Teaching.The complexity of the linguistic situation generated demands that its study be conducted through a number of autonomous and interacting approaches. At the same time, this perspective has an impact on the studies of the acquisition and teaching of L1 Spanish in general.Having this goal in mind, the First International Conference on the Acquisition of Spanish as a First and Second Language propose the study, discussion, and evaluation of Spanish as a First and Second Language from multiple perspectives, mainly but not exclusively, from the perspective of L1 and L2 Acquisition Linguistics, Linguistic Theory, Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics,L1 Spanish Teaching, Foreign Language Teaching, Language and Education Policies, Government and NGOs Language Programs, and other areas linked to the study of language.This Conference seeks the participation and interaction of specialists, teachers, and professionals in general in the areas mentioned above in order to create a specialized and collaborative environment for the study of Spanish.* Coordinators:Nora MúgicaZulema Solana* Organizing Committee:Marcela BassanoSusana FreidenbergLiliana PérezSilvia RiveroAndrea RodrigoPatricia RogieriTopics:1. L1 Spanish Acquisition.2. L2 Spanish Acquisition.3. Spanish Linguistics.4. Computacional Linguistics: Issues in the study of Spanish.5. L1 Spanish Teaching.6. L2 Spanish Teaching.7. Teaching of Foreign Languages to Spanish Speakers.8. Language Policies.9. Languages in Contact.10. Spanish and Translation.Conference Activities.- Lectures.- Panels.- Presentations.- Posters.- Research Discussion Forums.Conference Official Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English.Deadline for Abstract Submission (for Presentations, Panels, Posters, etc.):February 28, 2006.Please, include the following information:Title, in capital letters and centered.(Left Alignment:)Author / sAffiliation :Thematic Area where the paper is included :Mailing and electronic addresses:The Abstract should be sent electronically, as an attached file, to: 200 wordsWord for Windows or RTFFont Type and Size: Times New Roman, 12.Simple Line Spacing.Fees:Paper Presenters: $70 (Until March 31, 2006) - $100 (On-site registration)General: $40Students: $20For further information contact:

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