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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
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Lunes, 10 abril, 2017
Minority languages have long been used by different groups of social actors for identity and community building purposes, such as the symbolic, material, and political mobilisation of linguistic and cultural rights. Currently, under changing political, economic and cultural conditions around the world, minority languages are subject to multiple, overlapping and even contradictory discourses and practices of valuation and revaluation. The peripheral position of minority languages, as structured by nation-state logics, and the central role endowed to them in the political projects of various minority groups are now complexified by both the increasing economic value of minority languages as a resource of distinction and authenticity, and by the intensified mobility of languages and their speakers. Some of the consequences of this complexification result in re-evaluating relationship between minority and migrant languages and the trajectories of so-called “new speakers” of minority languages.
Jyväskylä y Närpes
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Lunes, 28 agosto, 2017
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Miércoles, 30 agosto, 2017
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University of Jyväskylä
PO Box 35, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä (Finlandia)
10/04/2017 Congresos y cursos