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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
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Miércoles, 15 marzo, 2017
The JENom workshops originated in France, which explains the French acronym (Journées d'Études sur les Nominalisations). The first six editions were held in Nancy, Lille, Paris, Stuttgart, Barcelona and Verona. Descriptions of previous editions of JENom can be found here:


JENom traditionally aims at bringing together researchers who are concerned with the morphology, syntax and semantics of nominalizations of eventive verbs. However recent editions significantly broadened the focus of the workshop so as to include a larger variety of related topics and constructs. Jenom 7 will continue along these lines. We will invite participants to contribute papers (with no theoretical framework restriction) on topics such as the following:

-    semantic classes of nominalizations,
-    morphological construction of eventuality-denoting nouns (derivation, compounding, reduplication, etc.),
-    deadjectival nouns,
-    nominalizations of stative, psych or perception verbs,
-    nominalizations of semelfactive or degree-achievement verbs,
-    dispositional nominalizations,
-    underived nouns with an event semantics,
-    deadjectival and denominal verbs,
-    polysemy of nominalizations,
-    anaphoric uses of nominalizations,
-    annotation of nominalizations in corpora,
-    pluractionality in derived nominals,
-    causation in the nominal domain,
-    morphosyntax and semantics of nominals in broader constructions (light verbs, cognate objects, status constructus, etc.).

The conference has no fee, but we kindly ask participants to register.
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Jueves, 1 junio, 2017
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Viernes, 2 junio, 2017
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Université de Fribourg
Faculté des Lettres
Av. de l'Europe 20
CH-1700 Fribourg
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13/02/2017 Congresos y cursos