`Journal of Romance Studies` presenta, entre otros, los siguientes artículos:
- To nobody…Guibert´s Mes parents: Love letter or hate mail? James N. Agar
- Dismantling Descartes, Miguel de Unamuno y Gabriel Marcel
- What is that to me? Jorge de Sena’s Sinais de fogo, poetry, and testimony during the Spanish civil war, Rui Miranda
- Logical `phallicies´, Challenging the borders of masculinity and morality with a male gay/ze in L´Inconnu du lac, Paige Piper
- The politics of unprincipled emotion in Glauber Rocha´s Terra em transe, Posso, Karl
- The poetics of tactility in Jean Genet´s: Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs, Daniel Rosenberg
- Life after literature, Jorge Semprún´s narrative afterlives, Avril Tynan
- La Dissidence in Gisèle Pineau´s œuvre, Antonia Wimbush.
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