`MARLAS´ (Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies) presenta en este número el Dossier: `From Indenture to Double Diaspora: Music, Film, and Visual Art of the Indian Caribbean´ con, entre otros, los siguientes artículos:

-Considering the Impact of Indians in Trinidad on Visual Culture, Patricia Mohammed
-Coconut/Cane & Cutlass: Queer Visuality in the Indo-Caribbean Lesbian Archive, Suzanne Persard
-´Meh Just Realize I´s Ah Coolie Bai´: Indo-Caribbean Masculinities, Chutney Genealogies, and Qoolie Subjectivities, Ryan Persadie
-Queer Tactility: Same-sex Intimacies between Women in Chutney and Soca Music, Krystal Ghisyawan,  Preity Kumar
-`A Creative Process´: Indo-Caribbean American Identity as Diasporic Consciousness, Tarika Sankar
-Materializing Voice: A Diasporic Lineage of Flour, Spice, and Hair, Vanessa Godden
-Music as Sound, Music as Archive: Performing Creolization in Trinidad, Christopher Ballengee
-Beyond Créolité and Coolitude, the Indian on the Plantation Re-creolization in the Transoceanic Frame, Ananya Jahanara Kabir
-The Inter-American System in an Era of Declining United States Hegemony, Thomas O´Keefe
-Securitization (Re)Turn: Analysis of the New Brazilian Migration Laws (2016-2019), Igor Machado
-Afro-Venezuelan Cultural Survival: Invoking Ancestral Memory, Mesi Walto.

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18/01/2021 Noticias