Manuel Martínez Duró
Federico Bravo, Bernard Darbord
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Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
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Tesis doctorales
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The difficult nature of Una meditación has been highlighted by both scholars and Juan Benet himself. This dissertation characterizes such a text complexity and thereby the singularity of the reading experience of Benet’s novel. Our work relies on the psycholinguistics of reading comprehension. This framework allows us to achieve a definition of standard readability to which Una meditación is implicitly compared when judged as “difficult”. We study the two features that revealed to be the main sources of reading difficulty in Benet’s text: the narrative and sentence structures, and the particular system of reference to the characters. At the level of the text structure, the narration and—at its own scale—the sentence are characterized by a strong discontinuity, however concealed; by a spiral temporal development; and by the scrambling of the hierarchy of the fictional events. At the level of character reference, the notion of name of the character loses its traditional meaning. Names are barely used or these are ambiguous, multiple, or inexistent. However it is above all the omnipresence of the pronominal reference that disconcerts the reader, implicitly imposing memorizing every detail of the text. We also analyze the figure of the narrator, and criticize a common reading of Benet’s novel in which the text is the produce of a recollection. We conclude that the “difficulty” of Una meditación is the result of a writing that, by means of the indiscernibility of the characters and their stories, goes beyond literary fiction and aims at a generic portrait of human nature.

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16/06/2016 Publicaciones