Simona Delic
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Jahrbuch des Deutschen Volksliedarchivs Freiburg Lied und Populare Kultur - Song and Popular Culture
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«Spanish Ballads in Johann Gottfried Herder's Volkslieder Collection (1778/79), Jakob Grimm's Silva de romances viejos Collection (1815) and Their Intercultural Echoes in Croatia», in Jahrbuch des Deutschen Volksliedarchivs Freiburg 52 (2007): 97-112. Simona Delic

Extensive literature exists on the links between Herder and the study of oral poetry; however, it would seem that the theme still remains inexhaustible, constantly opening up new horizons on possible contexts of study -about Herder and folklorism (Smidchens 1999), nationalism (Bohlman 2004), anticolonial universalism, etc. We have touched on these themes to the extent that the Volkslieder collection according to V. Schirmunski, «represents the first step in the comparative study of style and plot» (Schirmunski 1963: 64) of narrative poetry and, for the first time according to B. Dzakula (Dzakula 1968), confronts the Spanish romances and the «Morlac» ballads.

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