Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA).
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
Estados Unidos
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Jueves, 1 marzo, 2007
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Domingo, 4 marzo, 2007
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+1 516 572 8985
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Deadline for abstracts: September 15, 2006.Please include with your abstract: Name and Affiliation / Email address / Postal address / Telephone number / A/V requirements.Panelists renew/join and register no later than Nov. 30, 2006 for the 2007 membership year or risk being dropped from the convention program. It need not be a NEMLA member in order to submit a paper for consideration and it may submit to more than one session.Spanish and portuguese panels:Comparative Literature: Literary Relations between Italy and the Hispanic World: From 1927- Present.And Then What Happened? Shaping the History of Post-Dictatorships.Autobiography in 20th Century Spanish Literature.Christian and Pre-Christian Myth in Spanish Contemporary Theater.El Cine Español Contemporáneo del Siglo XXI.Feminine Discourse in Early Modern Spain.Gender Violence in Spanish Literature.Globalization and Its Discontents in Contemporary Spanish Film.Hispanic and Latino Literature and Art of the East Coast.Identifying Acts: The Examination of Self & Others in Contemporary Spanish Theater.Latin American Societal Discourse.Latin American/Latino Cinema: (Re)presentations of Identity.Masculinities in Cuban and Puerto Rican Fiction.New Readings of Early Modern Spanish and Spanish-American Picaresque Narratives.Nuevos y viejos exilios: variaciones sobre un mismo motivo.Premios Nobel Españoles.Spanish Beyond the Classroom: Locally-Based Teaching?Spatial Metaphors and Writing in Latin American and Latino/a Works.Subversive Texts in Latin America.Synchronous and Asynchronous On-line Communication in the Foreign Language Classroom.Transatlantic Women's Voices in Modern and Contemporary Hispanic Theater.Violence in Spanish Peninsular Literature.

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