Northeast Modern Language Association
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Congreso, jornada, encuentro
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Sábado, 30 septiembre, 2017
The 49th Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association will meet April 12 to 15, 2018, and will feature approximately 400 sessions, as well as dynamic speakers and cultural events. Every year, this event affords NeMLA’s principal opportunity to carry on a tradition of lively research and pedagogical exchange in language and literature.
The theme of this year's convention is «Global Spaces, Local Landscapes and Imagined Worlds». We seek to examine the concept of spaces: their appropriation and occupation, the demarcation of borders, processes of inclusivity and exclusivity, as well as reproductive processes related to the creation of worlds—real, fantastic, and imagined. Pittsburgh, a city whose recent cultural explosion attracts visitors from around the United States and the world, provides the ideal backdrop for such thoughtprovoking topics.
Spanish and Portuguese Area:
Area Director: Margarita Vargas
Romance Languages and Literatures, University at Buffalo
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Estados Unidos
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Jueves, 12 abril, 2018
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Domingo, 15 abril, 2018
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306 Clemens Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-4610
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10/07/2017 Congresos y cursos