Clinical assistant professor

The Department of Literature and Language at East Tennessee State University is seeking a qualified individual to fill a 9-month clinical assistant professor. This position is renewable annually, with responsibilities to direct our Language and Culture Resource Center (LCRC) and teach classes in Applied Spanish, Spanish linguistics, translation and/or related fields. Clinical faculty positions may be converted to tenure-track in certain[Leer más]

Genres of «replacement» discourses and reported speech

Genres of discourse, although quite diverse, can be approached and characterized by the place and form they give to reported speech – a dimension that has been widely studied. However, some discursive genres distinguish themselves by the very special place they give to the representation of another discourse: the whole discourse presents itself as «discourse of replacement» of another discourse. This suggests the existence of a generic field in[Leer más]

Call for papers para el número especial: “Current Politics and the Printed Media: Discursive Tensions in the Age of Populism 3.0”

Call for papers for the special issue: “Current Politics and the Printed Media: Discursive Tensions in the Age of Populism 3.0” The second monographic issue of the I-LanD Journal , an international peer-reviewed journal, will be centred on the discursive representation of current politics in the printed media and will be edited by Miguel Ángel Benítez Castro (Department of English and German Studies, University of Zaragoza), Francesca De Cesare[Leer más]

Publicación del número XIV 2(28) de la Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana: «Variación lingüística e internet: cayendo en la red»

La Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana (RILI) ha publicado el volumen XIV nº 2 (28) 2016: «Variación lingüística e internet: cayendo en la red», que incluye artículos sobre el uso de Internet y las redes sociales como sustitutos de los corpus para recopilar muestras lingüísticas, y sobre la presencia, enseñanza y aprendizaje de las lenguas peninsulares cooficiales a través de Twitter. La Sección general recoge artículos sobre[Leer más]